Friday, February 25, 2011

A rock and a hard, far away place

Well we are still getting all our ducks in a row concerning surrogacy in Canada and I have to say so far my gut says India, especially since the clinic in Hyderabad is ready for us. All we have to do is say when.

Now is this just me being impatient?

I will give it till next Friday and if we haven't even got a consultation lined up with a clinic here, I'm going to push for India.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I'm so confused

Well we had an interesting day today. We had a meeting with our lawyer here in Canada to review the clinics contract. Our lawyer specializes in reproductive law so she knows a lot about surrogacy. After going over all the logistics she asked us why we have chosen India over Canada to do the procedure. We explained to her cost and the wait times were our two biggest issues.

So after much debate she has convinced us to explore the possibility of give Canada another try. I have a meeting with a couple surrogacy agencies tomorrow so hopefully we will know by the end of the week what we are going to do.

I would love to do surrogacy in Canada because obviously it would be a lot more convenient. So I will give it one more chance just to be sure we are making the right choice in going to the other side of the world to make our dreams come true.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Why India

I'm going to be honest.... We choose India over Canada because its quite inexpensive, has shorter wait times and lets face it they know what they're doing. Currently in Canada surrogacy itself is not banned, but payment of consideration or the offer of payment to a surrogate is a prohibited act. Also it is quite a long process here and there is a long waiting list.

We did have one amazing friend offer to carry a child for us and I can't express to her enough how honored we were. If we ever do decided to try in Canada she is our number one choice.

So after much research we have decided to go with the Kiran Clinic. There are so many great clinics to choose from but in the end we went with our intuition. There was just something that drew us to Dr. Samit and his Case Manager Anjani Kumar and the package they offer.

Dan and I have so much to give so follow us on this amazing journey.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

And now we begin

Our journey to pursuing Gestational Surrogacy in India has just started. After much research and many questions we have chosen a clinic in Hyderabad India. We have yet to make the 11,000 km trek to the other side of the world, but we know that day is not far away.

Currently we are waiting for some Ultrasound and blood lab results so the clinic can put together a program that is right for our situation.

A little background...

We suffer from repeat miscarriages due to an immunological issue and after many many many tests, medications and failed attempted we have decided to give my body a much needed break.

We created this blog in the hopes of connecting with others who are going through this journey. It will also be a place where we can relive some stress and at times vent but most importantly reflect back on how far we've come.