Saturday, March 5, 2011

Results are in

So we received my Pelvic Ultrasound results as well as my FSH and TSH blood lab results. According to Dr. Samit my FSH are slightly high at 8.9 which is normal given my age. As for the pelvic ultrasound they found a cyst which they don't seem to concerned with. According to the Dr. they should be able to extract 6-8 good quality eggs.

As for the contract we have hired Sherry Levitan who specializes in Third Party Reproductive Law here in Canada. She has had some great feedback so I'm confident we are in good hands.

Next week we will be applying for our Multiple Entry Medical Visa to India. We are actually going down to the office to apply because I don't want to screw this up!

Then it's just a matter of getting our vaccinations, booking our tickets and making the 30+ hour journey to Hyderabad. We have chosen to do the whole cycle in India so we will be there for 12-14 days. I'm a little nervous given the fact that we are going down during the "warmest" time of the year with an average temperature of 36 Celsius. It's not so much the 36 that scares me it the high of 45 Celsius. Our hotel better have a nice pool!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

India it is

So after much deliberation we have decided to go with surrogacy in India. We ran the numbers and analyzed the pro and cons for both country's and in the end India just had more to offer.

I am really looking forward to this adventure. We are hoping to go down at the end of April which should be interesting because it's the hottest time of the year!

All we have left to do is get our vaccinations, Visa's and fork over the deposit.

Oh ya we also told our parents.... which went over surprisingly well. So thank you Grace, Frank, Paula and Leo for supporting us in the decision, it's not a guarantee but it's a step closer to getting you another grandchild or two.

Kathryn and Dan