Thursday, April 14, 2011

Crazy train

We received the package from India yesterday containing the medication I need to take before we arrive in Hyderabad. It got here just in time because I had to start some of the medication today. The package included: 42 tablets of Duolution-L (birth control)to regulate my cycle with the surrogate(very cool).I'm to take these twice a day for 14 days finishing one week before we arrive at the clinic and 2400IU's of Gonal-F to be self injected @ 450IU once a day. This is to stimulate my ovaries to make more eggs so they can be extracted, fertilized and implanted in the surrogates womb.

Word of caution to all my friends and family... I may be back on the Crazy Train for a couple weeks because one of the recorded side effects of the Duolution-L is "mood change".

Again we have decided to start the medication here so that it will free up some of our time in India so we can go and explore the country. So if anyone has any idea's of were we should go please let us know but keep in mind we will be there during the hottest time of the year.

P.S.- I had some people inquire about what I meant about the "two week wait" in my last post. This is the period between the time the egg is implanted into the surrogates womb and the pregnancy test. This period can be emotionally draining and a challenging time for assisted reproduction patients due to the suspense and uncertainty of a cycle outcome. Hope that helps>

Till next time,

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Another step closer

We're another step closer to fulfill our dream of become parents, we wired our deposit to the clinic today. Everything is falling into place and we are very exited!

We will be traveling to India in 4 weeks with plans to stay for 3. We have decided to start the shots in Canada because we plan to explore the country for two weeks after. This will hopefully keep us occupied during the 2 week wait!

So far we have told our immediate family as well as a couple close friends. The response has been surprisingly positive which was just a reminder of how fortunate we are to be surrounded by such great family and friends.