Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Rotten 2 week Wait

The egg retrieval was done on May 20th so we are officially half way through the 2 week wait. However the anxiety, stress and anticipation has only intensified. I have been through this before but like getting a needle it never gets easier. I am weary of getting to exited and realize that the initial positive is just a stepping stone in a 40 week journey

We also realize that there is a very brave lady/surrogate in India also hoping for success and I can't help but think of her during this time.

We will accept whatever may be may be, put can't help and hope this is our time!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Home sweet home

After many hours we have finally made it home safe and sound.

We received an email from doctor Samit yesterday letting us know that they were able to get four embyos fertilized, one grade A, two grade B and one grade C. Now we wait to see if they implant into the uterus of our surrogate.

I will update everyone as soon as we hear anything.

Kathryn and Dan

Monday, May 16, 2011

The Big Day at last

Hello from Hyderabad,

Kathryn felt I should write today and considering the few shots she's taking at me I thought it was a wise idea. As I write Kathryn's eggs and my guys (aka my sperm) are being combined to form embryos. Kathryn had 10 healthy eggs removed this morning and Dr. Samit figures they will create 7 or 8 good embryos.

Four embryos will be transfered to the surrogate on wednesday, which is very exciting! If everything goes as planned we'll be parents next March, maybe the baby/babies will have the same birthday as Auntie Colette. (Haven't really done the Math I'll let the women figure that out!) Either way Kathryn and I will have to keep busy to keep are minds off it because our minds are already racing! (Keep those eyes crossed!)

Yesterday we got room service to order us pizza hut, we've enjoyed the food here, but after my 2 day poop fest we decided to get something familiar in our stomachs, man we wolfed that sucker down in no time! We enjoyed it so much we went there today on are way back from the clinic. Having no idea where in Hyderbad the pizza hut was we got the driver to make sure he picked us up to bring us back to the hotel. When our driver picked us up and turned the first corner, to our surprise we saw our hotel.
We kinda feel like morons, but it was pretty funny.

Tomorrow we're off to the beachs of Coa!!

P.S. Dr.Samit told Kathryn she's getting OLD! HA!HA!

Dan and kathryn

Friday, May 13, 2011

Day 8

Hello everyone....

So the clinic has scheduled us for Monday to do the egg retrieval, which will be Sunday back home. Christine make sure you fill our weekly spot at church and pray for our success;). Once they retrieve the eggs it will take a couple days to fertilize them. They have five days from the time of retrieval to the time they must implant them into the surrogate. This means we could have the pregnancy results by the first week of June... fingers, arms, legs toes and eyes crossed.

If it isn't successful the first time they will implant the remaining embryos into the surrogate. Then if that doesn't work I will have to come back to do the process all over, up to four time.

As for Dan well he got a little Dan sick...... and I'm sure Christine, Laurier and Colette knows what that means.... the end of the world.(he wanted me to let everyone know he had to poop....alot). He did however survive the plague and is back to being a pain in my a@#. Currently he is reviewing the room charge bill and one things for sure he didn't poop out his cheapnest.

Our tickets are book for Tuesday morning to fly south. We will be renting a hut on the beaches in Goa were I plan to work on my tan because I hear summer is upon us back home.... yay! I love summer in B'ville.

Sonya, does McKenna ask about me more or Dan? Just want to make sure I'm still in the top spot.

Take care and I will update everyone after the egg retrieval.
Kathryn and Dan

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Day 5

Hello, sorry for not posting sooner but Dan and I have really grown accustome to relaxing over here. The hotel makes it easy to just be lazy as the service is incredible. However every day we take on a new adventure and check out the sights but it can get overwehlming at times because there are just so many people and it's quite hot here. All in all we are enjoying our time here in Hyderabad. We kind of feel like celebrities because the locals like to take their picture with us. (warning it's going to Dan's head!).

As for the surrogacy I continue to take daily injections to stimulate my eggs and they hope to do the extraction either sunday or monday. I'm not sure if they are not growing as fast as expected or what but I'm confident the Clinic is taking their time and doing everything possible to increase our chances of success. There have been 4 babies born at the clinic since our arrival.

Hope everyone's good back home and can't wait to share more funny stories of our adventures when we return.

Kathryn and Dan

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Greetings from India

Well we made it, luggage and all. It was a very long tiresome flight finally arriving at our hotel in Hyderabad yesterday (Friday) at 3:00pm which is 3:30am back home. We are slowly recovering from the jet leg. One things for sure the food here is amazing.

We had our first appointment with the clinic this morning. Getting there was quite interesting(the driving here is crazy!!!). It was great to finally meet everyone at the clinic and we were not disappointed, the people there are very friendly. We also met a couple from Quebec that are here to pick up there recently born baby boy.... They also decided to start another surrogacy process at the same time. They had nothing but good things to say about their experience this far which was reassuring. We will know more about the process and hopefully have a chance to meet the surrogate at our next appointment on Monday.

According to the clinic we will be here another 6 days then we will be heading south.

We will post again on Monday,

Take care,

Kathryn and Dan